Had to make some muesli to go with the yoghurt. It’s near impossible to find wheat free muesli, and what I love about home-made is that I get to make it to taste. With rolled oat base and honey and oil coating, the rest is flexible and you can add what you like. Ingredients 3 … More Muesli

Almond Milk Yoghurt

Muesli with yoghurt for breakfast always reminds me of summer and holidays. Now that we don’t do milk products I have been missing this. Grew up with Mom making her own yoghurt, so finally decided to bite the bullet and try Almond Milk Yoghurt. Ingredients 1 litre Almond Milk 1 pottle soy yoghurt (or any … More Almond Milk Yoghurt


Felt like something different for breakfast this morning. But still needed something fast and easy. So crepes it was. Ingredients 125g flour (I used gluten free mix) 275ml vege-based milk (you may need more depending on your flour) pinch salt 1 tsp vanilla essence 1 tablespoon olive oil Instructions Mix together all the ingredients till … More Crepes

Bread Rolls

We pretty much only eat 100% rye bread. It´s the only bread we can find that isn´t full of crap (additives) and doesn´t contain wheat or spelt. Luckily it´s fantastic bread made from organic flour by our local bread baker. However, some days I do just want some fresh white bread as a treat. Gluten-free … More Bread Rolls

Breakfast custard

Many countries have a version of this recipe and it’s a great breakfast on a cold morning but does take a little patience to make. Although I find that just cooking for 15 minutes on a higher heat still gives me a result I like. When I visit my parents I love browsing Nanna’s Dutch … More Breakfast custard

Simple Pancakes

Breakfast is the most difficult meal for us. While DD is generally a good eater and will eat most things, she refuses to eat the same thing for more than three days in a row. These pancakes are on my breakfast list now for when I need something fast, simple with minimal ingredients. They can … More Simple Pancakes

Oatmeal Cookies

This recipe was adapted from which you can find here. I halved the original amounts as I don´t need three dozen for the two of us. Reduced the sugar amount an used brown rice flour and gluten-free flour mix with a ratio of 1:3. No vanilla or chocolate chips in the house, but the … More Oatmeal Cookies