Tender Beef Tenderloin

Cooking an extra thick piece of tenderloin steak and finding that balance between too burnt/crusty on the outside and cooked on the inside and still keeping it tender was something I found difficult till I discovered this trick.


Thick 2-3cm tenderloin steak (nb. if thicker will need to tie it for even cooking)

Olive oil





Have meat at room temperature half an hour.

Coat bottom of frying pan with olive oil. Warm to medium heat and add steak. Cook gently till can see cooked mostly up sides. Turn up heat to max to get that crispy brown underside. When underside slightly brown and crispy turn over. Sprinkle with salt and allow other side to cook to slightly brown (nb. cook shorter/longer depending how raw-medium-cooked you like it).

Remove from pan. Add a little water to pan. Cook for half a minute and serve over the beef.

Season to taste.


DDs approval

You bet! She will eat an adults portion and then some.


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