Almond Milk Yoghurt

Muesli with yoghurt for breakfast always reminds me of summer and holidays. Now that we don’t do milk products I have been missing this.

Grew up with Mom making her own yoghurt, so finally decided to bite the bullet and try Almond Milk Yoghurt.

Almond Yoghurt


1 litre Almond Milk

1 pottle soy yoghurt (or any vege-based milk yoghurt or culture if you can buy it)

1 tablespoon cornflour (optional, but will end up with a yoghurt drink without. Can also use any thickner of choice)

Sugar/sweetner to taste


Heat oven to 50 degrees C. In a pot heat milk, thickner, and sugar till almost boiling. Allow to cool to 50 degrees (when hot to touch, but doesn´t burn finger). Add yoghurt. Mix well. Pour into clean glass jar(s). Turn off oven and put in oven. Close and do NOT open for at least 8-12 hours.

Cover and chill in fridge.

Enjoy as is, or with honey or jam or with your morning muesli

DDs approval

Downed a full portion!

2 thoughts on “Almond Milk Yoghurt

    1. I was very excited when I stumbled across a Spanish blogger who made yoghurt this way! And it is really easy. It does end up like a yoghurt drink (which I like), but to get creamier yoghurt add cornflour or agar agar or any other thickner you like. Hope it works well for you too.


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