Watermelon and apple Juice

It´s watermelon season and it makes for a great snack. DD loves holding watermelon sticks and snacking on them for afternoon tea. Or we love to juice them up for a refreshing hot afternoon drink.

Fruit and vegetable juices are a great way to get some extra fruit and vegetables in kids diets in a fun way. Save the juicer for the vegetable juices, and use the blender for great fruit juices that maintain some of the fibre goodness.


Watermelon (Amount depends on number of servings,I find half of a quarter melon good for 2 cups)



Slice watermelon into cubes. Add to blender. Peel apple and slice into chunks. Add to blender. Blend together until smooth. If too thick add water to taste.

Serve as is or with ice cubes.

DD approval?

Hasn´t been refused yet!

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