Hello world!

Welcome to my food website. I´m a busy Mom with a daughter who has  multiple food allergies and refined tastebuds.

Here I will be collating and sharing the recipes I use to help a fussy toddler grow, be active, and learn to eat healthy and varied.

While there are already thousands of food websites out there, I need a collection of recipes that are suitable for my daughter. This means dairy free, egg free, wheat free, no soy and no banana (as well as other less common food allergies). I also found that other allergy food websites all used ingredients that aren´t usually in the pantry and that I can’t easily buy as an expat. So no xanthum gum, no flax eggs etc. Although I sometimes use gluten-free flour mixes, I usually find that mixing a starchy flour with a protein flour works just fine.

All the recipes posted here will use whole foods and pantry staples that should be in any supermarket.

All recipes also need DDs approval.

Hope it also helps other allergy moms out there!

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